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About Us

Big Board Films is a studio run by the Bomar Brothers. We are based out of ATX and ATL. We specialize in producing indie films that explore the formulation of the self, consciousness, and realities. Our body of work has been featured in festivals around the world. 

Feel free to browse the website and check out the pages for our most recent films. The pages contain film trailers, behind the scenes interviews and marketing content, blog articles, and directions to watch the films. For advance access to unreleased works and updates from the studio, subscribe to our mailing list on the watch now page.


 Who are the Bomar Brothers?

  • Up and coming independent filmmakers, 18 & 20 years old. Our films have won over a dozen awards and screened from Tennessee to Tamil Nadu, and everywhere in between. We have been featured in festivals in NYC, ATL, LA, ATX, and many more major film cities.

  • Oscar Qualified with our most recent film, American Gothic, being in consideration for the 51st Student Academy Awards.

  • Directors of the improv troupe “Montage Pythons”

  • National chess champions

  • Might be Beavis and Butthead in disguise


If you aren’t already please follow us @thebomarbrothers and @bigboardfilms on insta, subscribe to the bigboardfilms channel on YT, and log any films of ours that you have seen on Letterboxd!


"- If memories define who we are, and we don't have any control over what our memories are, do we have any control over who we are?"

American Gothic

BTS Gallery

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